• July 12, 2024

2 Suicide Jackets And 12 lbs of Explosives Found In Mosque

Remember that one controversy where Ted Cruz suggested we should keep an eye on Mosques? Leftists about lost their minds.

Well, the conservatives are right ONCE AGAIN after what was just discovered inside ANOTHER Mosque.

VIA| ClashDaily has raised the point from time to time. We’ve seen weapons-caches recovered from mosques. Is that important? What about when they found weapons and Jihadist documents at another Mosque.

Even Egypt — in an effort to combat terrorism — closed 27,000 mosques. Is EGYPT ‘islamophobic’ now? Seriously? Mathematically alone, at some point we won’t be able to say ‘another isolated incident’ anymore. Right?

Now, in Pakistan, we learn about the recovery of SUICIDE Jackets. Two of them. And about 12 pounds of explosives.

In a MOSQUE. More specifically in the room of the mosque’s PRAYER LEADER.

Here is the photo:


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