• June 20, 2024

A Boy In The Hospital Uttered His Final Words, And They Ended UP Sending His Mom To Jail…

 A 49-year-old mother on the brink of divorce from her husband stands accused of fatally stabbing her 11-year-old son and inflicting stab wounds on herself.

In a gruesome incident that has shocked New Mexico, a mother was slapped with charges of first-degree murder, as per the Sheriff’s Office, on July 12. Lea County Sheriff’s Office investigators have issued an arrest warrant for Mary Johnson, 49, who stabbed her son Bruce Johnson Jr., 11, to death.

The crime took place at their residence in North Dal Pasco and was reported by Bruce’s father, Bruce Johnson Sr., on Sunday. Johnson found his wife and son unconscious with stab wounds and called 911.

Mary and Johnson Sr. were about to get divorced, and the former had shown a history of abusive and violent behavior toward her son. Upon noticing this, Johnson Sr. decided to move away from her and planned on divorcing her eventually.

Johnson Sr. recently moved from Oklahoma to Hobbs, New Mexico, to start a new life with his son, and allowed his wife to move in to spend time with Bruce Jr. while the divorce was being finalized.

“The investigation revealed that Bruce, Sr. had moved to Hobbs with his son from Oklahoma and left Mary behind after allegations she was abusing their son,” deputies stated.

One of Bruce’s classmates’ father said Mary had been showing signs of being troubled for a long time. Her oddities were just accentuated after the Kingston Tornado in March, which she described as “God’s wrath”. He also mentioned how she would make comments “talking about she’s Mary Jesus and just different things, talking about hurting other people.”

In another bizarre social media rant, she wrote:

“My son and I discovered he can hear every f***** thing that I’m thinking. I don’t like this God! My son does not need to be listening to me talking to you! Any other mothers have this problem, or do I fall in that 2% category again? This is why I don’t want kids! They don’t give me freedom. I’m heard writing, thinking, reading, sleeping … Who wants to be Mother God?”

Prayers poured in for Bruce as the sheriff’s office released their statement entailing a detailed account of the crime. One Facebook user even said, “I’m not shaming the dad at all here, but this is why we don’t let abusers back in. That 40 days she hadn’t seen that kid was probably the best 40 days of his life. May he RIP.”

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Source: AWM

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