• July 18, 2024

A Cop Found A Cage Inside A House, And What He Saw Inside Was Absolutely Revolting…

A Kentucky couple was arrested after authorities found their 18-year-old daughter locked in a large wooden cage that reeked of feces and urine.

Tito and Shannon Felix, from Richmond, Kentucky, who are 50 and 51 respectively, were arrested after their house was searched as part of a welfare check.

When Shannon Felix allowed investigators into her home, she told them her daughter suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and wanders the home at night.

During their check, authorities discovered the victim’s basement bedroom filled with animal feces and discovered she’d been made to live in a large wooden cage, with locks on the outside. Tito and Shannon, who were jailed for a decade in January, furnished the cage with a bed and toilet that was overflowing with their daughter’s waste.

Felix began raping his daughter when she was a child and continued doing so as she grew into an adult, with the youngster finally saved from his clutches when she was 18. He was convicted of incest, first-degree rape, and criminal sexual abuse, according to the Richmond Register.

According to AWM, people who read Daily Mail‘s coverage of the horrific abuse were shocked and believed that punishment should fit the crime.

“Instead of arresting them, the cops should have just locked them up in the cage! Prison is too good for them. Too clean and the cages are too spacious. Let them experience the hell that they created for their daughter” and “Let them stay in jail forever.”

Another commenter pondered: “So its mom’s fault she is disabled in the first place, THEN she abuses her. When the girl was born with FAS she should have been taken, if you can’t care for your child while they are a part of you, then why would anyone think you would do the right thing once they are born. So tragic.”

Another commenter added: “If she’s disabled, as they claim, I find their excuse dubious, they’re making that up to try to rationalize locking this kid up.”

Shannon Felix was also locked up until 2030 in January after admitting conspiracy to commit incest and first-degree criminal abuse.

The couple’s victim was taken into social services custody, as were several other children who they’d fostered and adopted.

Watch the video report below for more details:

Sources: AWM, Richmond Register, DailyMail

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