• July 19, 2024

A Gang Tried To Kill Cop On The Roadside, But They Got Hit With A Surprise They Never Saw Coming…

Oklahoma City Police Officers were ambushed by five people who were allegedly involved in a traffic violation incident.

The fatal incident happened around 9:30 PM near NE 10 and Rockwell on Dec. 08, the Police Officers stopped a vehicle after noticing Tavone Payne was talking on his cell phone while driving. Then, one Officer heard Payne trying to get someone else to come to the traffic stop.

Payne initially refused to hang the phone up when instructed, so two more officers were called in for backup, and Payne was put in the back of their patrol car for a license violation, according to police.

According to KWTV reports, suddenly four men opened fire on the Oklahoma City Police Officers, who ran for cover and ducked behind their vehicles. Bullets struck their vehicles and one of the Officers who was grazed in the hand later found a bullet inside his jacket During the shooting, the four suspects fled and a manhunt began.

Payne was arrested that night and charged with Marijuana Possession. One of the suspects dropped his sweatshirt and a handgun while running away.

Photo credit: KWTV

Opposing Views reported:

Now, investigators believe the suspects ambushed the police and attempted to kill them in a premeditated attack.

Police have arrested all five suspects accused of involvement in the shooting: Tavone Payne, Donye Smiley, Trent Colbert, Marcus Robertson, and Samuel Carolina. All five suspects have lengthy criminal records and are currently in custody.

They have been charged with several felonies, including four counts of shooting with an intent to kill, assault with a deadly weapon, and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Because Payne is believed to have been a decoy, his charges were substantially lighter than his alleged accomplices, only receiving possession of marijuana charge.

For their protection, none of the Oklahoma City Officers who were involved in the traffic stop have been named. Thankfully,  all of the Oklahoma City Police Officers who were involved in the initial traffic stop are okay.

Sources: OpposingViews, KWTV

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