• June 24, 2024

Acquitted President Prays For Retribution

President Donald Trump has no love for his deep state enemies, he told Thursday’s National Prayer Breakfast. The Senate just fully acquitted him of the baseless lies manufactured to corrupt the election process. There are some times you can’t turn the other cheek, Trump insists, and this is one of them. It’s time now for “retribution.” Democrats are protesting in the streets.

Acquitted of a ‘sham impeachment attempt’

When President Trump arrived at the National Prayer Breakfast, a copy of USA Today was thoughtfully laid across his breakfast plate. Trump proudly waved the “acquitted” bold face all caps headline to the crowd, who laughed in approval. The “sham impeachment attempt concocted by Democrats ended in the full vindication and exoneration of President Donald J. Trump. As we have said all along, he is not guilty,” a White House press release states. Nancy Pelosi sat there feeling sick.

The President has been fully vindicated and exonerated in the wake of “yet another witch-hunt that deprived the President of his due process rights and was based on a series of lies.” It was obvious to all the Republican Senators, except one, that the “wholly corrupt process” was nothing but a “fraudulent scheme” to overturn the last election and hijack the next one. Trump calls rogue RINO Mitt Romney, the lone dissenter, a “Democrat secret asset.”

“It’s OVER!” Vice President Pence made a stop in Pennsylvania today, happily proclaiming the news Trump supporters have been longing to hear. “You know it’s amazing to think about after months of a sham investigation — a partisan impeachment. It’s over, America,” he told a cheering crowd.

Love your enemies? Sorry, not this time.

Nancy Pelosi led the opening prayer, concentrating on “the poor and the persecuted around the world.” She wasn’t about to mention politics. Dr. Arthur Brooks used his turn at the podium to preach for peace. He discussed the “crisis of contempt and polarization that’s tearing our societies apart.” Aiming his remarks squarely at Trump, Dr. Brooks reminded that the Bible advises, “love your enemies.” President Trump said, sorry, not this time. “Arthur, I don’t know if I agree with you,” he said when it was his turn to speak. “I don’t know if Arthur is going to like what I’m going to have to say.”

Nancy Pelosi and Mitt Romney were particular subjects on Trump’s mind. Without naming names, he talked about “dishonest and corrupt people” who “badly hurt our nation.” Romney and Pelosi were his obvious targets when he said, “I don’t like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong nor do I like people who say, ‘I pray for you,’ when they know that’s not so. So many people have been hurt and we can’t let that go on.” Pelosi claims to “pray for the President daily.”

“We have allies, we have enemies,” Trump acknowledges. “Sometimes the allies are enemies but we just don’t know it. But we’re changing all that.” Sometimes we like people and sometimes we hate people, he notes. “I’m sorry. I apologize. I’m trying to learn. It’s not easy. When they impeach you for nothing, then you’re supposed to like them. It’s not easy, folks. I do my best.”

Retribution on the horizon.

What Trump really wants is “retribution.” According to the press release “Adam Schiff lied to Congress and the American people with a totally made up statement about the President’s phone call. Will there be no retribution?” Nancy Pelosi should be nervous too. The Speaker of the House “lied to the American people about the need to swiftly pass impeachment articles,” then sat on them for an entire month before letting the Senate have them.

A lot more deep state corruption is going under the microscope. Lindsey Graham and other Republicans have announced ongoing investigations. Graham is seriously considering disbanding the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court over the seriousness of the abuse.

Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson sent a letter to the director of the Secret Service on Wednesday, asking for “Hunter Biden’s travel information.” The senators are looking into “potential conflicts of interest posed by the business activities of Hunter Biden and his associates during the Barack Obama administration.”

Democrats protesting in the streets

Anti-Trump protests are scheduled across the nation on Thursday but aren’t expected to develop into much. The crowds seem to be numbering in the range of 50-200 people. At the nation’s Capitol, Rep. Ayanna Pressley is instigating the crowd to chant things like “shame” and “Moscow Mitch.”

Pressley is focusing her rage like a laser. “I will focus my ire on Senate Republicans. Shame on you, Mitch McConnell.” One protester dragged around a “roaming anti-Trump bandwagon” and handed out “anti-Trump paraphernalia.” Liberals can’t seem to grasp the idea that in order to convict someone, there has to be an actual crime. After months of wasted time and money, Democrats couldn’t come up with a single charge that they could list as a “crime” and cite the law allegedly broken. That’s because there weren’t any laws broken.

A whole collection of activist groups are organizing the protests, including Stand Up America, Women’s March, By the People and Common Cause. Greenpeace and Sierra Club are also involved. By the People expects over 270 official “Reject the Cover-Up” events across 45 states.

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