• June 17, 2024

After Latest Slam, Sarah Huckabee Says One Thing The Media Will NEVER Want To Print

Media reporters receive verbal smackdown from Sarah Huckabee Sanders for presenting a vast majority of negative news.

As White House spokeswoman, Huckabee Sanders has been receiving an outrageous amount of hostility from media reporters who have a clear liberal agenda when questioning her reporting of the goings on with the Trump administration. Unfortunately for them, Huckabee Sanders isn’t afraid of fight and she came out swinging while speaking at George Washington University earlier this week. Never has an administration received such a high amount of negative reporting when the whole point of news outlets is to deliver nonpartisan facts without the tainting of personal political beliefs.

Via Born to be Right:

“I’ve never been attacked more, questioned more,” Sanders said during a panel held by George Washington University. I was called a liar by a major network in an official statement, I’ve been called outrageous things on air, and it goes unquestioned, no pushback.”

“I do think that there is a greater sense of hostility that I’ve seen in this administration than in previous, and I think that you see that reflected in the numbers, in the coverage,” said Sanders. “If you compare that to the first nine months of the Obama administration, it was 40-60, so for people to pretend like there isn’t a greater sense of hostility toward this administration, I think, would be to ignore real facts.”

This tirade against the press forced the Washington Post to fact-check the statement. Their findings were probably hard to swallow for the liberal paper. “93 percent of the coverage [of Trump] was negative and 7 percent positive,” They conceded. “Indeed, studies have shown overwhelmingly negative coverage of Trump in the mainstream media.”

Democrats can’t stand that there’s actually good things coming from this administration and continue to report as if that wasn’t the case and that’s completely unacceptable.

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