• July 21, 2024

Alaskan RINO Lisa Murkowski Just Got Shown She’s On Her Way Out!

There are plenty of RINOs running around and that is why in the upcoming midterms we need to make sure we vote them all out.

These RINOs in power have done so much damage to the country in their efforts to appease Democrats and that is not what we need at all.

Just look at what happened when President Trump was in office.

These Never-Trumpers were so hell-bent on destroying Trump that it hurt the American people.

That is why with midterms quickly approaching we need to focus our energy on making sure those who still hold a seat are handed a pink slip.

One of the biggest RINOs we’ve got is Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, and she’s got to go.

After RINO Lisa partnered up with Communist Dems and voted to convict President Trump during the second impeachment scam, he vowed to take her down, and as always, Trump is living up to his word.

Trump endorsed Murkowski’s primary challenger Kelly Tshibaka.

Fox News reported:

President Donald Trump is scheduled to speak at a rally in Alaska on Saturday night as he campaigns for several candidates he has endorsed in the state, including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

The “Save America” rally is being held in Anchorage at the Alaska Airlines Center where Trump will be joined by Palin, who is running for the state’s only U.S. House seat, as well as Republican Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka who is running against incumbent Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski.


Trump vowed last year to campaign against Murkowski after she joined six other Republican senators in a vote to convict him after he was impeached over the January 6 Capitol Hill riot.

Palin, an early Trump supporter, said she was honored to get Trump’s endorsement “early on in this race, and I’m excited to welcome him to the great state of Alaska.”

As always, the rally was a barn burner.

President Trump got a rousing standing O when he came out on stage.


Here are some other great moments from the rally:

Alaska is such a solidly red state, that it’s a dang shame to have a scumbag RINO representing her.

We need to make sure that we change that around and put an America First warrior in that spot.

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