• July 21, 2024

ALERT: The Chinese Have Taken Over An American Military Installation!

In the midst of President Biden’s disastrous pull-out in Afghanistan, we are now seeing a larger Chinese presence there. Apparently, Chinese military planes have reportedly landed at the now-abandoned Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan. When Biden administered his hasty and unplanned surrender of the country, he did not have a plan for this airbase, so it basically is doing nothing more than just sitting there. Except when the Chinese are using it, that is.

For the first time since President Biden and General Milley withdrew all U.S. Forces from Bagram Air Base, ultimately leaving the Taliban with billions in U.S. military weapons. Now, it is becoming increasingly evident that the lights at Bagram are being turned on last night.

Cause and effect here, folks. President Biden has removed all of our military forces from Bagram Air Base and plenty of other airbases, and now the Chinese have determined that yes, these bases have use to them. The bad news is that this is one of the biggest blunders in military history.

The Daily Mail has issued the following report:

There have been multiple reports of military planes arriving at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan, just hours after images emerged showing that power was restored to the base for the first time since US forces evacuated the stronghold in July.

Images circulating on social media appear to show the airbase’s floodlights blazing in the distance, amid reports that several military planes have taken off and landed at the base in recent hours.
Several sources suggest that the aircraft are Chinese, given the Taliban are not thought to possess the expertise needed to power the base or maintain and fly several military aircraft.

Of course, the Taliban did their part too, rejecting rumors that China was at that former U.S. base. Oh brother.
However, they can reject it all they want, but there have been plenty of other rumors that China was at this and other former U.S. air bases.
At the same time that the Taliban is playing the propaganda game, they are also rounding up individuals that they suspect to have been attached with the former regime at the U.S. and torturing them.
All of the credit has to go to President Joe Biden, who is not just destroying the United States, but the entire world as well.
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