• July 21, 2024

Another Athlete Has Collapsed In The Middle Of A Game, And People Are…

When Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed during a “Monday Night Football” game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Jan. 2, the football world came to a halt.

Viewers of the men’s basketball game between Old Dominion and Georgia Southern on Saturday witnessed a midgame collapse as well.

ODU teammates “watched in shock” as sophomore guard Imo Eissen collapsed on the court during the game in Statesboro, Georgia, according to WAVY-TV in Norfolk, Virginia.

Essien was playing defense when he fell on his backside, struggled to get back to his feet, and laid back down on his back “appearing to be in pain,” according to Fox News.

According to WAVY, training staff from both schools rushed to the downed player’s aid.

He did not appear to lose consciousness, and trainers assisted him off the court.

“Imo Essien was evaluated by the ODU Athletic Training staff as well as the GA Southern medical staff,” Old Dominion said in a tweet. “He was responsive throughout and was able to sit with the team for the duration of the game and drive home with the team.

“He is upbeat and will work with the ODU Sports Medicine Staff when they return to Norfolk.”

ODU went on to defeat Georgia Southern in overtime, 81-75. Essien scored two points in three minutes of action.

This occurs in the aftermath of Hamlin’s cardiac arrest in Cincinnati, which could have resulted in his death.

His terrifying first-quarter collapse would eventually lead to the game being canceled, as players were understandably preoccupied with matters far more important than football.

It is rather frustrating that the news is refusing to report on these matters, opting to sweep them under the rug and pretend it isn’t happening.

Young people are dying and any reporter worth their salt would spend the time to research this strange occurrence and report on it.

However, they are more concerned with towing the party line and staying silent which is just as evil as the vaccines killing them.


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