• July 12, 2024

Another Secret From Hillary’s Past Leaks, And She Isn’t Happy About This One Either

In an attempt to widen the gap between herself and fellow candidate Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton has been desperately trying to separate herself from Wall Street. She has argued that she wants to demolish the “secret unaccountable money” that currently exists in politics.

“Wall Street can never be allowed to once again threaten Main Street,” Hillary commented. “And I will fight to rein in Wall Street—and you know what? I know how to do it.”

That might sound noble, but you have to remember that this is Hillary we’re dealing with. And unfortunately for the former Secretary of State, it has just been revealed that she and her husband made up to $76,000 a day from massive payments stemming from Wall Street banks, dating all the way back to 199.

According to reports, the couple made almost double the average American’s annual wage every 24 hours at the peak of their Wall Street earnings.

This sum was reportedly earned from speech fees, with Hillary earning $7.7 million from 2009 onwards. She made almost 40 appearances during that time for the likes of UBS and Goldman Sachs.


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