• July 18, 2024

Another Trump Hating Liberal Hack Bay Be On His Way Out…

The left has been so focused on hating Donald Trump that it has become an obsession.

Instead of any of them working and focusing on maybe making things better for the American people, they continue to attack Trump and his supporters.

That does not make people want to vote for them if all they do is obsess over a man that has not been in office for the last two years.

New networks that aired non-stop anti-Trump stories over the last six years are losing viewers since no one wants to hear that all the time.

CNN has already let go of people in its lineup, and now NBC is about to do the same.

Ol’ “Sleepy Eyes Chuck” is what Trump would call him…

He was referring to Chuck Todd, the host of NBC’s “Meet The Press.” And back in its heyday, Chuck was spreading fake news and Trump “sensationalism” with the best of them.

Chuck Todd was famous for ranting, lecturing, and standing on his soapbox, preaching his godless morals and political finger-wagging. He and President Trump would go back and forth, and like most other mainstream media reporters, Chuck Todd contracted TDS, lost his “professionalism,” and started the slow sink to the bottom.

Well, it’s almost over for Chuck. His ratings are so ghastly low over NBC that he’s reportedly about to get the boot. Reports indicate they’ve already got his replacement lined up, and he’s not even out the door yet.



Radar Online reported:

NBC’s longtime anchor Chuck Todd is on the brink of being fired after his show, Meet The Press’ ratings continue to tank — and they’ve already secured a backup to replace him if they decide to ax him from the Sunday program.

David Gelles, the new producer at Meet the Press, who hails from CNN, is holding Todd’s future in his hands. Gelles’ “first order of business” is to decide whether to retain the 50-year-old journalist.

Despite recently signing a two-year contract extension with NBC, RadarOnline.com has discovered that Todd could face his demise at the network.

Staffers at the network are “baffled” over “how long he’s remained atop the struggling show,” according to a well-placed insider. As RadarOnline.com already reported, Todd’s show recorded its lowest-rated quarter over the April-May-June period.

Todd peaked at more than 4 million viewers in the first quarter of 2017 (January-February-March) in the midst of Donald Trump’s presidency. But, the magic number faded to a paltry 2.4 million — shaving off a third of the notoriously goateed anchor’s audience.

“At what point does anyone have the balls to say ‘Maybe the problem is the face of it’?” a source told the Daily Beast.

NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker is “being groomed to replace Todd” if he’s fired from his position. The possible host change comes months after NBC downsized Todd’s role, changing Meet The Press Daily to a digital format only.

Well, it looks like another Trump-hater is about to bite the dust.


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