• July 21, 2024

Archie Bunker Defending The National Anthem 50 Years Ago Is Just As Amazing As … [VIDEO]

There’s no denying that Archie Bunker was a beloved television character. He starred in “All in the Family” for years, and millions of Americans felt they could relate to Bunker’s perspectives on what it meant to be an American. He may not have been one of the most articulate characters on TV, but he is one of the most memorable. He never worried about being patriotic and was always politically incorrect.

Now, the beloved bigoted lead character of the 1970s comedy “All in the Family,” Archie Bunker, is currently receiving media attention for remarks he made regarding the national anthem in 1979. The New York Jets football game was being watched while Archie and his son-in-law Meathead stood for “The Star-Spangled Banner” during the fifth season of the sitcom.

In the clip, Meathead explains to Archie why he says the anthem is not a good song since it glorifies the horrors of war. “That is one terrible song,” Meathead complains to his father-in-law.

Archie Bunker quickly came to its defense while Meathead shared his criticism of the anthem. In disbelief at what his son-in-law just said, he turns to look at Meathead with eyes bulging out of his head.

“Don’t start up nothing with me, Meathead. I’m watching the game. That’s a beautiful song, and shut your face,” Bunker said.

Meathead becomes agitated after Bunker’s direct assault. He swivels in his chair and gets ready to make a claim of his own to refute Bunker’s. He said, Huh? The song glorifies war, and even as a song, it stinks. Nobody can remember the words.”

Bunker lashed back, You’re going to ruin this game for me?”

“Can you remember the words?”

“Certainly I can!” Bunker yelled.

Meathead then challenges him to perform the national song, which he fails to do despite singing it enthusiastically. The comments on this fantastically amusing clip from “All in the Family” on YouTube show that this clip has generated a lot of controversies.

Comments such as: “When those two argue, Mike is usually in the right about things, but there are two episodes when Archie is correct, and Mike is wrong. One of them is this episode when Mike is disrespecting our National Anthem.”

“Talk about picking battles. Mike just couldn’t shut up and let Archie enjoy his football game, including the national anthem. Go, Archie!”

Watch the video below:

Source: AWM

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