• June 24, 2024

Are They Setting Michelle Obama Up For A Run In 2024?

I always find it interesting when I start to hear the same comment from multiple different people.

I’m not saying that makes it confirmed as hard news, but I am saying we have 4 million people who are part of this community here at WeLoveTrump and I would put our 4 million up against anyone in terms of wisdom, intellect, intuition, and brainpower.

And so when I start hearing the same comment surface from multiple people, it catches my eye.

Here’s the first message I got early this morning:

It sure does look like they’re placing her in the spotlight.

Then I open up Twitter (because it’s safe now) and I suddenly see these posts popping up from just the last two days:




Right on cue is right.

Are they gonna push her to run against Trump?

We all know it ain’t gonna be Joe!


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