• July 18, 2024

As His Morning Show Tanks, Don Lemon Has Now Complained That…

It seems that there’s trouble brewing on the set of CNN’s “This Morning” as Don Lemon, the co-host of the show, is reportedly feeling down and targeted by his co-anchors Poppy Harlow and Kaitlin Collins. Sources close to the show, who spoke to RadarOnline, say that the tension on the morning show has not eased in recent weeks following Don’s controversy over comments he made about GOP presidential contender Nikki Haley.

“Don is acting like he’s the victim. He is very quiet behind the scenes. He is moping around the joint like he’s the one who has been wronged,” said one source.

“Poppy and Kaitlin have buddied up, and the bond between them is stronger than ever,” said another source, adding that Lemon feels he’s being “ganged up on.”

The incident in question occurred last month when the trio were discussing the former United Nations ambassador and South Carolina governor making age an issue during the 2024 campaign, likely a swipe at the ages of both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. During the discussion, Lemon made a comment about Haley not being in her “prime” as a woman in her 50s. This comment was met with confusion and interruption from his co-hosts, particularly Harlow.

Following the on-air incident, an insider told the New York Post that a “furious” Harlow walked off the set. Collins, who has also previously clashed with Lemon, followed her colleague into the restroom during a “well-timed” bathroom break.

The insider suggested that the tense relationship between Lemon, Collins, and Harlow had been simmering for several months, as have previous sources, as the show’s ratings have failed to rise. Additionally, a CNN insider claimed that the recent high-profile incident may prompt network boss Licht to replace Lemon as the co-host of the morning show.

“Chris isn’t happy and he has spoken to Don a couple times today,” the network source told The Post. “Don knows it can’t happen again.”

During an informal meeting Thursday, dubbed “Coffee with Chris,” 30 staffers peppered Licht with questions about the ratings-challenged network. One asked about Lemon’s comments about the 51-year-old Haley, according to a source with knowledge.

“People say stupid things and that if it’s a trend, then there’s recourse,” the source told The Post, summarizing Licht’s comments.

While it’s understandable that Lemon may be feeling targeted and defensive, it’s important to remember that his comments about Haley were inappropriate and could be seen as sexist. It’s also understandable that his co-hosts would want to hold him accountable for his actions.

As a conservative commentator, I believe that it’s important to hold all individuals, regardless of their political beliefs, accountable for their words and actions. It’s also important to consider the impact that our words have on those around us, particularly those who may be marginalized or vulnerable.

While Lemon’s comments may not have been intentionally harmful, it’s important that he acknowledges the impact that they had and takes steps to ensure that he doesn’t repeat the same mistakes in the future.

At the same time, it’s important for his co-hosts to approach the situation with empathy and understanding, while still holding him accountable for his actions. By working together to address the tension and conflict on the show, they can hopefully create a more positive and productive work environment for everyone involved.

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Sources: ConservativeBrief, RadarOnline, NYpost

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