• May 27, 2024

Awkward Dad Gets Called to the Dance Floor By His Daughter, but Then He STEALS THE SHOW

When it comes to the Jewish faith, there is hardly no better time in a young girl’s life than her Bat Mitzvah. It is a time of celebration, simply because it is a rite of passage and a time of pride as parents watch their children first venture out into the world, well on their way to becoming responsible adults. Such was the occasion for Jessica Hanley and her parents. Guests knew that they would be in for a good time, simply because the Hanley family had always known how to have a great time. Of course, the event had also been hyped up for weeks, and all of the invited guests knew just how much that Jessica enjoyed her music. However, one secret that the Hanley family had always held close to their chest would had to have been that Jessica’s father was every bit as much a music aficionado as his daughter, and at times even more so. That’s one of the main reasons why many people were amazed and filming the occasion with their phones when they first saw what this daddy and daughter duo had in store for their guests at this bat mitzvah festival.

Of course, the great majority of the crowd was perfectly happy just crooning along to “My Girl”, and it definitely served as a good warm-up. All the more for their next number, which was definitely worthy of any professional show-business father-daughter team. You see, this is when the DJ switched the number to Whitney Houston’s “Do You Wanna Dance?” and things really started taking off from there.

Oh no, they definitely weren’t done. They weren’t done at all. Per the report, this father-daughter tandem ended up going through such peppy numbers as Lou Bega’s “Mambo No. 5”, LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem,” Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”, Jackson Five’s “I Want You Back”, “Greased Lightning” from the movie “Grease” and “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. They would proceed to wrap up their exciting dance moves with 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” and then wind it down, going back to the first song of “My Girl.”

Of course, if Mike Hanley sounds like a familiar name to you Generation X or Baby Boomer viewers of this video, then it definitely should. You see, Mike Hanley is actually a professional comedian, and he actually got his start on the comedy circuit as early as 1989. If you have seen him perform a stand-up routine, then you have just quickly realized just how he was able to pay for this extravaganza of a bat mitzvah for his daughter.

Of course, Mike gave up his comedy in 2000 and decided to do the “family thing” on a full-time basis. However, he couldn’t get the comedy out of his system completely, so he ended up going back into comedy in 2011. He has three daughters to raise, but he continues to perform for small crowds in comedy clubs, malls, and other locations while his wife works a regular job. Hanley is doing his best to get his name out there simply because he wants his kids to have the best childhood possible.

Do you want to have a good time? If so, take a look at this video from Mike’s daughter’s bat mitzvah. It’s definitely very endearing, to say the least.

This video has actually reached as high as 21.6 million views, and the Hanley family decided to turn off the comments so that they would avoid troll comments.

Hanley’s website states the following: “Mr. Hanley’s unique style consists of some high energy and some full tilt comedy. He has always had audiences in stitches with some of his routines. Both married people and single people alike will laugh hysterically at some of Mike’s stories. He covers not only the day to day grind, but also kids and relationships. Mike has a trademark intensity once he hits the stage.”

With that being said, there is no better to complete this piece than to show the video. Take a look for yourself right here:


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