• May 30, 2024

BETTER NOT Complain! It Just Might Make Ellen DeGeneres QUIT Her Show!

There is definitely some dark truth coming to light regarding the show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. While some might say that her chickens are coming home to roost, is Ellen handling it that well? No, not really. This daytime talk show host is actually threatening to end her production altogether and put all of her production staff out of work completely. Of course, this comes on the heels of the revelation of Ellen’s truly horrible behavior toward some of her employees. Either way, Ellen doesn’t seem to be taking it well, and she said that she thinks “the show feels done” and it looks like she might be getting ready to end the show altogether. That’s a shame, especially considering that she probably has many dedicated employees and staff.

Is it possible that Ellen will just simply quit the show and let it go kaput? Sure it is. However, there is also the possibility that the show will simply just get canceled. You see, Ellen has now been exposed as a pretty cruel boss, to say the least. Yes, she might have this public where she seems like an individual who values kindness and compassion, the discussion involving her having a toxic work environment isn’t going away either. Needless to say, many of her employees are “freaking out” about the possibility of being laid off, because their jobs are definitely on the line. In a nutshell, Ellen just might walk off her show and never darken the door ever again.

Part of the reason for this is because more and more former workers on the show are coming forward with allegations of sexual assault. While the allegations of sexual assault are not being levied against Ellen herself, the fact that they are accusing the producers of the show makes many people wonder just what Ellen knew and when she knew it.
“For the last several weeks, staffers have been calling and texting each other and they have been completely freaking out. They are worried that Ellen [DeGeneres] will either quit or the show will be canceled outright,” one anonymous source told Us Weekly. “The show definitely does feel done. It’s going to difficult, if not impossible, to turn this around.”
There’s no other way to slice it. Simply put, Ellen herself is at the forefront of this debacle, and it looks more and more like she will either have to quit or watch the show get canceled.

There are many individuals who work at the parent company for Ellen’s show, which is Telepictures. There is at least one person with behind-the-scenes knowledge of just how poorly Ellen has really ran her show, and they too said that Ellen has been talking to the executives at both Warner Brothers and Telepictures, basically threatening that she is just going to take her ball and go home after all of these years. Of course, she is just as liberal as Oprah is, but at least Oprah can “fake it” and run a tighter ship than Ellen can. Not to mention the fact that if this was a CONSERVATIVE talk show host, liberals such as Ellen would be calling for their head. It’s not a level playing field here at all, folks.

“She doesn’t think she can go on with the show,” this behind-the-scenes source recently told Mail Online.  “She doesn’t think there is really any way to recover her personal brand from this catastrophe other than just shutting down the show. However, the truth is that she has always known what was going on. It is her show, after all. The buck stops with her. She can whine, blaming every executive she wants, but after the dust settles, Ellen only has herself to blame.”

Once the turmoil reached a fever pitch, Ellen decided the best thing for her to do was to simply hide out at home with her wife, Portia de Rossi, who continued to keep her own regular schedule and run all of the errands for the DeGeneres-de Rossi family. Rossi, a 47-year-old Australian actress, married DeGeneres in 2008.

However, even though Ellen can brand herself as a family woman as a career woman, she continues to come under scrutiny just because she has continually tried to shift the blame for these sexual assaults that have occurred under her watch. She can blame the show’s executive producers all she wants, but it isn’t going to help her that much. She even tried to apologize, but it created more problems than it solved.

“When she issued that apology, don’t think for a minute that anything she said in that statement means anything at all,” one disgruntled and anonymous staffer reported. “She has created this culture and then she continued to enable this toxic atmosphere, and it has went on for a very long time. If anyone had went to her to complain about this, she would have immediately fired her.”

In the meantime, the Telepictures source had more to say about it: “Within the Telepictures family, we can only say that we’ve had enough of her. We think that she is a phone and doesn’t practice all the stuff that she preaches. Make no question, the behavior of her executives is appalling, but Ellen isn’t no better. As a matter of fact, she is one of the worst offenders because she is taking the outrageous stance that all of this is a shock to her. She knew. Of course she knew. When the fish rots, it starts from the head, and whether she likes it or not, Ellen is the head.”

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