• September 26, 2023

Biden Tried Getting On A Bike Again And BOY Was It Touch And Go… [VIDEO]

Joe Biden was caught on a bike again, and this time he did not fall off it again.

It is pretty sad that those closest to Biden are still pushing him out in the public eye when it is clear that he is very sick.

However, his handlers are determined to make Joe appear that he is a Lance Armstrong protege.

Now, while he didn’t fall this time, his takeoff looked mighty shaky, and had me thinking, “Gee, guys, maybe this elderly man isn’t having fun and shouldn’t be on a bike, after all?”


What’s really odd, is that the Handlers and some in the press, actually think THIS makes Joe look “strong” and capable.

Just because he can sit on a bike, and sort of peddle off.

When in actuality, it looks like a very elderly man, who’s frail and not stable on his feet, gripping the handles bars and trying like hell not to fall over in front of the cameras again.

This entire video comes off as very awkward and cringing.

Why do they not just let this old man live out the rest of his days in his basement with a medical team already?

At least that way, he would not be putting the whole country in danger with his senility and lack of cognitive skills.

Though we know that won’t happen since the plan is to put America in danger so that the elites can take us over and push Agenda 2030 all the way through.


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