• June 24, 2024

Biden Trolled By Trump Supporting Auto Workers

Joe Biden may be beating Bernie Sanders but he’s more than a little touchy about President Trump. All it took was a single deplorable question to knock him off his carefully worded script. He got trolled about his stance on gun control and lost his mind. It didn’t help that the auto workers he was there to convince kept chanting “Trump.”

Biden trolled on gun control

When Quid Pro Joe Biden visited the brand new Fiat Chrysler assembly plant in Detroit, Michigan, on Tuesday, he was hoping to convince the rank and file assembly line workers to do their socialist duty and vote for him. He wasn’t expecting to be greeted by deplorable Trump supporters, who kept shouting “Trump, Trump, Trump” every chance they got.

When one worker told Biden he wasn’t about to vote for him because “he was actively trying to end the Second Amendment,” sleepy Joe woke up and lashed out. “You’re full of s#1t,” he declared. Later he called the man a “horse’s ass.” His over-the-top reaction was much more of an indication of how terrified Biden is to face President Donald Trump in the fall.

Biden has been over his gun control stance enough times to know it by heart. It’s no secret that he backs Second Amendment “infringements” including universal background checks, bans on assault weapons, and a federal buyback effort. If he was really interested in convincing a potential voter, he would have simply tried to explain how his positions would benefit the voter. Instead he had a meltdown.

Biden is really afraid of President Trump

Biden’s disproportionate response underscores that what Biden is really afraid of is conservative nationalism. He was upset because the man’s question revealed his conservative bias, which Biden has no chance of defeating. Everywhere he goes, people keep asking him how he’s going to beat Trump and Biden has no answer.

It also reminded him of the time he visited Detroit with Obama to talk about all the “shovel ready” jobs that never materialized. He made sure to look around to see that there weren’t any shovels in sight this time. The recently rehired workers were likely to club him with one. He really didn’t like all that “Trump, Trump, Trump” chanting that followed him around all day.

Later, Biden described himself as a “bridge” leading to “a new generation of leaders” as he appeared with Kamala Harris and Corey Booker, both possible running mates. Conservatives agree with the bridge comparison. Everybody walks all over him. He still can’t get an endorsement out of his former boss, Barack Obama, which means that Obama is sending a message that Sanders might end up getting the nomination.

No, not that son, the other one.

Another thing that truly disturbs Joe Biden is the corruption claim hanging over his head. That whole Burisma quid pro quo thing where he extorted the Ukraine by withholding aid until they fired a prosecutor who was targeting Burisma. The same Burisma that hired his son Hunter Biden as a director for a huge salary, even though Hunter Biden is an admitted crack cocaine addict and alcoholic. These days, Biden pretends his son Beau was an only child.

Everyone knows Joe is thinking hard about naming Kamala Harris as his Vice President simply because she’s a woman. At Monday’s rally he told the crowd she was almost part of the family. Harris took the cue. “I got to know Joe through Beau,” she explains. “It’s a rare thing to see such a special relationship a between a father and his son. It was an extraordinary relationship that they had.”

He loved his son tremendously, telling the crowd how proud he was. My deceased son, he declares, as opposed to the crack addict one, “was the Attorney General of the United States. and before that, he was a federal prosecutor in one of the largest offices in the country in Philadelphia.” Well, he got the Attorney General part right. Beau Biden was AG for the State of Delaware. No matter. If he was the federal big cheese, Biden claims he still wouldn’t want to know if he was under investigation.

“And I’ll tell you what, he wouldn’t even talk to me about anything he was doing — his father — and he shouldn’t have, and I didn’t have any control over either one of those things.”

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