• April 13, 2024

Biden’s Handler Caught On Hot Mic Telling Him What To…

Joe Biden’s age has been a topic of discussion throughout his presidency, with his staff attempting to portray him as energetic and alert. However, incidents like the one this week at a North Carolina semiconductor plant demonstrate the stark reality of his age.

During the visit, a handler was caught on a hot mic directing the president on where to stand. Joe Biden seemed confused, asking, “Down there?” at the top of the ramp, even though there was no other place to go. The handler confirmed, “Yes, sir. Down the ramp,” and proceeded to point out union workers and leaders on the left.

Joe greeted the crowd, saying, “Hey, guys — and ladies!” His handler continued to guide him, explaining that he should stand on the blue mark to the left. The president agreed, but his reliance on the assistance has raised concerns.

This is not the first time Biden has needed guidance on where to stand. In 2021, he visited a General Motors plant and appeared to ignore instructions to stand on a blue mark. RNC Rapid Response Director Tommy Pigott shared a video of the incident on Twitter, highlighting the president’s apparent disregard for the GM guide’s directions.


The 2022 White House Easter Egg Roll is another example of Biden requiring assistance. During the event, the person in an Easter Bunny costume had to direct the president. The Easter Bunny, later identified as Meghan Hays, the White House Director of Message Planning, interrupted Biden as he mentioned “Pakistan” and “Afghanistan.” It’s unclear what the president was referencing, but the interruption led to speculation that he was discussing something he shouldn’t have.

These incidents raise questions about Biden’s ability to effectively lead the nation. As the leader of the United States, he should be capable of handling simple tasks like standing in the correct spot without assistance. The repeated need for guidance, even on minor matters, is worrisome and may indicate deeper issues.

Moreover, the fact that the White House seemingly had to place one of Biden’s handlers in an Easter Bunny costume to prevent him from speaking to reporters is troubling. It suggests a lack of trust in the president’s ability to communicate effectively and raises concerns about the level of control his staff has over him.

The American people deserve a president who can confidently navigate both simple tasks and complex issues without constant guidance. Biden’s repeated reliance on handlers to direct him undermines the image of a strong, capable leader. It is essential that we evaluate the implications of his apparent confusion and dependence on staff, as it impacts the perception of the United States on the world stage.

Ultimately, it is crucial for the president to demonstrate his ability to lead without being micromanaged. If Biden cannot do this, it may be time to consider whether he is the right person to hold the highest office in the land.

Source: ConservativeBrief

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