• July 16, 2024

Black City Council Woman Speaks On Black-on-Black Crime- BLM ATTACKS Her With SICK Demands

Nobody is fail-safe from leftist angry offended mobs these days, not even leftists themselves. Though I do love when lefty Marxists eat themselves…I don’t like it when an honest looker at facts is attacked for speaking the TRUTH.

So it’s not terribly surprising when things like this happen. An African American, elected official attempted to have an honest discussion about race and policing.

She happens to agree with #BlackLivesMatter when it comes to police reform, just not the whole “all cops are racist” shtick.

So she laid down some facts and statistics regarding racial profiling.

So this woman wants to clean house. She wants to attack the problem that is Chicago. That is Detroit. That is many major cities in the country…

That is black-on-black crime. So now BLM wants her gone? Wasn’t one of the fist ‘demands’ from BLM was that they police themselves?

This group of terrorist hate mongers are pathetic excuses of human beings. They can’t even be consistent.


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