• November 29, 2021


Want to tell you a little story. About five years ago, my wife and I moved from Pennsylvania to Florida. The drive, which we had made before, took about eighteen hours including stops.

If you do it all in one shot, you are dead tired by the end of the trip. You want everything to go smoothly. That being said, if I found out on hour number fourteen that I was going to have to wait for two hours to clear a highway because a bunch of idiots were blocking the highway to protests for the rights of a cow or some crap, I would go through them like the guy in that movie Falling Down.

It’s one thing if you protest and commit an act of violence against someone that deserves it. But when you affect people who have nothing to do with anything, that’s just plain wrong.

Believe it or not, a dozen or more Antifa-related radical BLM agitators were actually arrested. In Seattle, Washington, no less.

Democrats are starting to look bad since they’re pointing the finger at so called conservative violence. Just because they were arrested doesn’t mean they will face any penalties. The reason why will floor you.

On Monday, in the hardcore liberal enclave of Seattle, Washington, “at least a dozen” anarchists were arrested and two vehicles were towed to the impound lot. BLM thought that they could get away with occupying a freeway, “causing traffic delays throughout the afternoon.”

They thought that because they were with Black Lives Matter they were allowed to do as they please. That was last week. Even anarchists are left wondering what the rules are now.

Diligent video reporter Andy Ngo was at the scene, tweeting out video which shows troopers with Washington State Patrol clearing the roadway.

The whole group of BLM agitators were “sitting down” along the I-5 North collector-distributor road. The commute was a nightmare. “afternoon traffic was forced to a standstill.”

Marking their turf with spray paint like the animals they are, the reckless radicals stenciled “BLM” across the highway. Authorities confirmed to Faux news that the substance used was in fact “spray paint.”

That shows the level of journalistic diligence of the infamously unfair and imbalanced network. They didn’t bother to report any of the lawlessness aspects of the situation, preferring to concentrate on the quality of the graffiti.

The ordeal began around 12:30 p.m. “when a group of people was seen near James Street walking onto the freeway.” That takes some yarbles, unless whoever is doing it has more teeth than brain cells.

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