• July 16, 2024

B-2 Bomber Annihilates 100 ISIS Jihadists Training To Blow Up America

Hell yeah! In a feel good story for the week, you can be content in knowing ISIS is consistently getting blown off the face of the earth. In the most recent B-2 mission, nearly 100 jihadists working for ‘Allah’ at 2 training camps in Libya were  blown to pieces. BOOM! Check this out!

VIA| A pair of B-2 “stealth” bombers blasted two ISIS training camps in Libya on Wednesday evening, dropping 108 precision-guided bombs and sending jihadists scattering — many of whom were then “cleaned up” by drone-launched hellfire missiles, U.S. defense officials told Fox News.

The assault killed an estimated 85 terrorists at the camps, which were about 30 miles southwest of the Libyan coastal city of Sirte. Many of the fighters were “actively plotting operations in Europe,” Defense Secretary Ash Carter said at a news conference Thursday.

President Obama authorized the action. Most of the terrorists targeted had escaped Sirte after extensive military actions there.

U.S. drones “cleaned up” the operation by launching hellfire missiles that killed a several of ISIS fighters trying to run to safety.

Immediately prior to the attack, the militants were seen in formation carrying weapons and mortars and wearing tactical vests.

The bombers took off from their permanent base in Missouri and refueled at least five times midair during the mission. The flight lasted about 30 hours. The planes flew around the world and back without landing.

The strikes used strategic nuclear-capable bombers as opposed to more conventional jets stationed in England in order to “send a strategic message” to other adversaries such as Russia and China, a source told Fox News.

Carter said the bombers were the most capable tools for this mission even though other available airpower was closer to North Africa. Previous strikes in Libya used drones and F-15s from a U.S. Air Force base in England, and two Navy guided-missile destroyers were off the coast of Libya armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles.

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