• September 21, 2023

BREAKING: Anti Voter Fraud Attorney’s Office Has Been Ransacked!

Bill Bailey, the plaintiff in the Antrim County, Michigan voter fraud lawsuit, is represented by Matthew DePerno, a courageous lawyer.

For months, Erik Grill, the counsel for Michigan’s corrupt Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, has fought tooth and nail to get Bill Bailey’s voter fraud lawsuit against Antrim County dismissed after Attorney General Dana Nessel added her as a defendant.

DePerno has received several threats as a result of his efforts to uncover voter fraud in Antrim County, Michigan, where over 5,000 votes were switched from Trump to Biden in a solidly RED county during the November election.

According to DePerno, the break-in happened late at night. The break-in was investigated by police, and it was discovered that nothing was taken. Who broke into DePerno’s office and what were they looking for, is the real question.

On Monday, DePerno intended to hold a press conference at the VFW hall in Traverse City, MI, where he planned to reveal a major finding in the Antrim County voter fraud case.

Today, DePerno got a call from a VFW representative telling him that they could no longer allow him to use the VFW hall for his press conference after they allegedly received threats from someone or some group for allowing DePerno to use their facility for his press conference.

DePerno’s press conference will now be held at 12 PM the American Legion Post 35 at 1231 Hastings St. Traverse City, MI. 49686

Tonight, we spoke with Matt DePerno. The Antrim County attorney expressed disappointment with the Traverse City VFW hall’s decision to postpone his press conference. “You can’t even have a press conference about a case about defending your First Amendment Rights without being threatened by someone to silence you?” DePerno asked. DePerno, who is sick of watching the free speech rights of Americans shut down by those who don’t agree with them, or who don’t want the truth to be exposed, slammed the leftist group for threatening the veteran’s group. “We get canceled just because someone threatens you?” DePerno asked, adding, “Not only can you not express yourself by voting, but you can’t even talk about it anymore!”

DePerno expressed his displeasure at having to find a new venue at the last minute, explaining that it’s difficult enough to get the media to cover one of our country’s biggest election stories, but now he can’t even talk openly about his situation. DePerno, a courageous patriot and a soldier to the end, pledged to find a new venue for his press conference tomorrow, clearly disheartened by this latest development. “There will be no mass media coverage of this, but what happens if we hold a press conference to draw local media and anyone or any organization tries to shut it down?” DePerno wondered.

Why would the left be trying so hard to shut down Matt DePerno if he is over the target? Our corrupt Secretary of State and other unidentified people threatened DePerno, trying to get him to drop his lawsuit. His office has been broken into, and he claims that someone or some entity is trying to cancel his press conference.

Sources: 100percentfedup.com, dailytruthreport.com

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