• February 22, 2024

BREAKING: Fox News Host To Fired After He Does THIS On Live TV… Liberals FURIOUS

Hillary Clinton was very confident this week when controversial footage of Donald Trump making lewd comments about women surfaced. That confidence probably went out the window on Sunday night, when Trump beat her in the second presidential debate.

With the first post-debate polls coming in, we’re sure the Clinton campaign has gone into panic mode.
On Thursday, the latest Rasmussen poll revealed that Trump is currently in the lead over Clinton, with 43% support compared to her 41%. Conservative Tribune reports that this is a four point swing from Wednesday’s results.

The Rasmussen poll uses a three-day voting average, meaning that it is intended to gauge the reaction of voters following the debate Sunday night.

Clinton holds a major lead among women and young voters, while Trump has a large lead among men and older voters. Trump also has an advantage among Independent voters.

Trump has also made major leaps among minority voters, and particularly in the black community.


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