• July 16, 2024

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Was Just Caught Doing Something SICK to Florida Hurricane Victims…

Democrat Hillary Clinton cares about nothing else but her own well being and prosperity. She is prepared to walk all over people if that gets her what she wants.

But, her latest deed in Florida cannot be even put into words- she went too far and became a monster!

Clinton just bought up $63,000 ads at the Weather Channel just so she can score some points in regards to the terrifying Hurricane that Florida is currently facing!

VIA Liberty Writer News

Pretty sick, right? Of course, it is no surprise that Hillary would be looking to profit off the suffering of Americans.

***GOOD NEWS THOUGH: Hillary’s campaign was forced to pull every single one of the commercials.

The charge against the Hillary Clinton’s exploiting of Americans was lead by none other than Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus who Tweeted: “Couldn’t let this crisis go to waste?”


But his attack did not stop there. He sent out a second Tweet after they pulled them demanding an actual apology from Clinton for her stupid and selfish actions. (H/T – Daily Mail)


Floridians are now appalled by what Hillary did and the last thing they could think right now, in these horrific times is her political campaign.

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