• July 19, 2024

Bully Picks On Innocent White Kid…Quickly Learns That Was A BAD IDEA! – *HOLY SH*T! Have you EVER HEARD ANYTHING Like THAT?

This video just goes to show that you shouldn’t start something if you can’t finish it. Even better yet, keep your hands off everyone entirely – it’ll do you good in the long run. Watch as a young boy is VICTIMIZED by a bully. You’ll be cheering by the end!

VIA | An incredible video is spreading around social media after a bully decided to pick on the wrong loner who was walking home. Unfortunately for the agitator, it wasn’t long before his victim stood up for himself and left the bully rather puzzled at the sound made by a single blow – and that’s about the time the horror set in.

There isn’t too much backstory on the video, but seeing how those in the clip were speaking Dutch, this has led people to believe that the incident took place in Western Germany.

Starting off simply by showing two kids walking down the street, it isn’t long before viewers realize there is a bit more to the matter than is shown.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to see that one of the two is actually trying to instigate a physical altercation while in the company of many friends. Clearly not afraid of the outcome as he has his victim “outnumbered,” the shorter of the two gave the taller a quick shove.

However, things aren’t over there as the intended victim merely ignores the nuisance and continues walking. Obviously wanting to fight, the bully then decided to kick the other kid for no reason – and that’s about the time things get good.

Without warning, it seems that the bully’s target reached his limit, turned to his attacker, and laid out the bully with a single punch. Of course, the sound that his empty melon made while being hit – which actually sounded like a tennis ball being smacked around the court – is what most people seem to be talking about.

As it turns out, that was just the bully learning that he had a glass jaw and really wasn’t quite as tough as he thought he was. For the remainder of the video, the semi-unconscious attacker could be seen laying on the ground as his victim simply walked away.

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