• May 27, 2024

Casualties in Iraq? Apparently That Didn’t Stop Two U.S. Congresswomen From Laughing and Giggling!

After President Trump ordered the assassination of the Iranian commander in January, Iran responded by retaliating against American troops. They would launch bombs across the Iraqi border and that would force troops to scatter in hide in various places, including shelters and other bunkers. They ended up totally bombarding the land and scattering it with blackened metal shards and razor-sharp shrapnel almost everywhere you turned. However, this condition was apparently a very funny proposition to two well-known politicians.

U.S. Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib were SUPPOSED to be simply just listening to the address that fellow congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was giving regarding the U.S. casualties in Iraq. However, the pair were actually seen by millions of viewers as laughing while their colleague Sheila Jackson Lee was giving this sobering address regarding the damage that was done by Iran to Iraq.

These viewers were definitely taken aback to see Omar and Tlaib not only being disrespectful, but even giggling and making a mockery of their pledge to serve the American people as Lee addressed the American people regarding this serious episode. Needless to say, this prompted several viewers to demand whether these two women still took their oath to protect Americans and represent American interests on these and other issues that might matter to their constituents. Shouldn’t life or death issues such as this issue in the Middle East be at the top of that list?

While Omar and Tlaib were caught guffawing like middle schoolers, Representative Lee said the following:

“I’m happy to say that I was part of these 132 people and I also voted for Barbara Lee’s amendment, but I also have to say that I think that the point many people are missing here is that this is the same way that we are still fighting today. We haven’t solved any problems with AUMF. Not only that, but we have left 4000-plus, possibly even 4,400 dead, and 60,000 individuals who have sustained life-altering injuries, and this war has never ended either.”

It is at this exact point that it seems that Omar is laughing out loud. After turning to her colleague Tlaib, it appears that she joins her in laughter as well. Of course, it is unclear what they are laughing about and it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with Lee’s speech. However, their laughter had some very poor timing, and it definitely makes the whole episode appear to be in very poor taste.

Of course, there were so many people who saw this exchange between the two that they now both have some serious explaining to do. Needless to say, they were bombarded with all kinds of critical thoughts on Twitter and other social media outlets.

Kayleigh McEnany was one voter who tweeted out her disgust. “How low would Ilhan Omar go? She giggles and jokes as Rep. Lee discusses American troops losing their lives in Iraq. Somehow it doesn’t surprise me, especially considering the history of anti-semitism this woman is known for…but now this? Nancy???”

Heather Wolf added other interesting comments: “Anti-Semitic Rep Omar definitely doesn’t care that much about Americans. This is all very clear simply by the disgusting laughs she gives in response to Sheila Jackson’s mention of our U.S. casualties in the War in Iraq. We have an enemy of our country within Congress! I can’t believe it! What a shock! Why can’t we expel Omar and strip her of her security clearance?”

Of course, when it was Representative Omar’s turn to speak, she tried to play it off. She said that as a refugee from war-torn Somalia, the thought of he president sending someone to war gave her some serious “PTSD.” She also said that this whole situation in the Middle East actually makes her “feel ill” in regards to all of the events that are “taking place.” Well, if she can laugh when she feels ill, I hate to see what she is like when she is REALLY depressed.

What do you think about these two and their terrible lack of manners (at the very least) during an important speech from one of their colleagues with lives at stake to boot? Let us know in the comments section below!

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