• May 27, 2024

Chaz Bono Is Furious After Illegal Housekeeping Staff Gets Picked up by ICE, Twitter BLOWS UP

Bono is making headlines after he tweeted obvious frustration over ICE’s enforcement of U.S. immigration laws to California Gov. Jerry Brown, asking the pro-illegal immigrant Democrat what, exactly, he plans to do about it:


Much to our pleasure, Twitter users went on complete attack mode, reminding Chaz that most Americans can’t afford housekeepers in the first place… and also pointing out Chaz’s unlawfully employs illegal immigrants:



When Bono clearly couldn’t take anymore of the beating, he jumped on Twitter to firmly claim his housekeeper is NOT illegal:

Incidentally, this was not Chaz’s first Twitter spat last week.

The LGBT activist went after Fox News host Sean Hannity, following his tweet in response to a Wikileaks press conference about alleged Russian cyber attacks:

Hannity was quick to fire back:



Then he cordially invited him to speak on his show:


Bono wasn’t having it:

The firestorm didn’t stop there:



Hannity then went for the jugular:


Boom! I bet that’s the last time Bono tries to argue with a political genius.

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