• July 18, 2024

Schumer Hits Wrong Button On Keyboard, Accidentally Sends SICK Message To Millions

The new Congress has only been sworn in for a little over a week, but new Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer has already made a fool of himself on social media. When he hit a wrong key on his keyboard, he accidentally sent a sick message to millions of his followers… and it said exactly what the Democrats didn’t want America to know. OUCH!

VIA| Here’s a fact not everyone knows — new Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer is actually a distant relative of liberal comedienne Amy Schumer. The New York Democrat is also pretty funny, too. Unfortunately for him, that’s usually unintentional.

Take what happened on Tuesday, when the glib Senate veteran hit enter before he was really ready to send on a tweet.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t proofread what he said well enough.

According to the Washington Examiner, Schumer meant to say “Don’t #MakeAmericaSickAgain,” as part of his party’s defense of Obamacare. He had a Freudian slip, however, and this is what came out:


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