• September 27, 2023

Clinton Foundation Probe Rumored To Be DOA — Was It Suicide?

If the rumors published Thursday night by the Washington Post are true, then Hillary Clinton is about to be gifted with another “get out of jail free card.” Coincidentally, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York’s Southern District notified the court on Thursday that the video of Jeffrey Epstein’s first suicide attempt “no longer exists.”

Who is watching the watchers? For some reason, anything connected with the Clintons seems to get such special treatment it seems that the rats have been put in charge of guarding the cheese.

As the Post reported, U.S. Attorney John Huber’s probe into the Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, and Clinton’s clandestine email server is being quietly closed down. It hasn’t been finished because that means writing a final report and telling the public they found “nothing worth pursuing.”

“Current and former officials said that Huber has largely finished and found nothing worth pursuing — though the assignment has not formally ended and no official notice has been sent to the Justice Department or to lawmakers, these people said.”

In other words, consider the investigation “dead on arrival.” Was it yet another convenient suicide?

According to the post, “the review was not expected produce ‘much of anything.'” Law & Crime points out, “That was the Post’s wording, but an unnamed source in the story said to be familiar with matter supported that.”

The exact quote was, “we didn’t expect much of it, and neither did he.” The “he” being U.S. Attorney John Huber.

Huber didn’t find anything but maybe he wasn’t looking all that hard. Did some of that radioactive Clinton Foundation money wind up in a hidden account somewhere that only he knows about? Is there some dirty little secret in his past that the deep state is holding over his head? After all, the Federal Bureau of Instigation was founded around J. Edger Hoover’s massive collection of “blackmail” files.

Huber was supposed to be looking into allegations that the State Department was doling out decisions on a “pay-for-play” arrangement where donations to the Clinton Foundation cleared away miles of government red tape to result in decisions favorable to the donor. Uranium One was part of that.

It all started on September 6, 2005, when ex-President Bubba Clinton hooked up with a buddy from his Arkansas days, Canadian billionaire Frank Giustra. Along with an assistant to federal fugitive Marc Rich, (who Clinton later pardoned on his last day of office,) they met in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

They were supposedly there to “help HIV/AIDS patients gain access to certain drug therapies,” except Kazakhstan didn’t have an HIV/AIDS problem. What they did have was $5 trillion in resources, including uranium.

Giustra used the opportunity to meet with Kazakhstan officials to work out mining deals with his company, UrAsia Energy Ltd. “The Giustra-Clinton Sustainable Growth Initiative” was born.

The very next day, Hillary used her position as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee to threaten “to withhold aid to Kazakhstan unless and until the UrAsia mining deal went forward.”

The day after that, “UrAsia Energy Ltd was awarded Kazakhstan mining rights from Kazatomprom, the atomic energy agency for Kazakhstan” and “suddenly became the world’s largest uranium mining producer.” A short while later after the dust settled, Giustra gave a little token of his appreciation to the Clinton Foundation. $31.3 million dollars.

In February of 2007, Kazatomprom’s boss, Mukhtar Dzhkishev, showed up on Bill Clinton’s Chappaqua doorstep to talk about a new deal with Giustra. Coincidentally, later that same month, Giustra sold his UrAsia Energy Ltd to Uranium One, but in some fancy footwork involving a “reverse merger,” he kept 60 percent controlling interest.

Soon after, Giustra and associates announced, “a recurring commitment to donate $100 million and half of future profits to the Clinton Foundation.” The arrangement paid off with an estimated $145 million in direct contributions to the Clintons.

On June 9, 2009, Kazatomprom Director Dzhkishev, was arrested by the Kazakhstan government on Uranium One corruption charges. Because the move threatened the Uranium One sale to Rosatom, Hillary used her position as head of the State Department to once again threaten to withhold financial aid to Kazakhstan.

Not surprisingly, they backed down and the deal went through. Three months later, Robert Muller was muling uranium to Moscow as Hillary’s personal courier.

All of this has been widely reported and backed up by credible witnesses and official documents, yet Huber found no evidence of any wrongdoing. Ordinary people are losing faith that their government is able to apply laws equally for all. Justice seems to be whatever the FBI says it is.

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