• December 4, 2022

Clueless Inspector General Still ‘Collecting Evidence’ While Families Wait

With all the deep state government corruption going on at the Federal Bureau of Instigation and the Department of Injustice, many Americans have been wondering, “who watches the watchers?” We have specially appointed oversight officials called inspectors general. Each federal agency has it’s very own watchdog.

The big problem seems to be that these watchdogs have no teeth. Time and again in the past few months we have seen high profile investigations fizzle away to nothing. The American public is getting totally fed up with it. It appears that our inspectors can’t find their own backsides with both hands and a flashlight. Even when they find out that someone did something wrong, all that seems to come out of it are a pile of “recommendations” and the criminal gets a reprimand. James Comey, for example.

Take the case of the angel of death at the Veteran’s Administration in Clarksburg West Virginia. Almost two years after the start of the investigation, there still hasn’t been an arrest.

“It’s disturbing that we’re 19 months-post beginning of the investigation and really the only information that’s been provided is the information we’ve been able to gather ourselves.” Attorney Tony O’Dell shares. He represents several of the families who’s loved ones were murdered in cold blood at the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center.

The Inspector General for the Veterans Affairs Department doesn’t have a clue. “I’m assuming (investigators and prosecutors) must still be collecting evidence,” O’Dell told local news, “and they don’t have enough to charge her beyond a reasonable doubt.” There isn’t any statute of limitations for murder but once charges are filed, the clock starts ticking. The government has 100 days to bring the case to trial. They won’t do that until their case is close to airtight.

Meanwhile, a killer roams free. Was this investigation botched by people with no clue how to run a criminal investigation? Why wasn’t it turned over to the local police or the FBI as soon as it was clear that there was at least one murder. Especially when there were a whole string of equally suspicious deaths. Some say that what should have been handled by pros was handled by amateurs.

Apparently, controls on the security for medication at the facility were so loose that literally anyone could have picked up and injected the insulin used as a murder weapon. It was just laying around all over the place.

The criminal investigation started after one patient died in January 2018. He wasn’t a diabetic but his death had all the hallmarks of “unnecessary insulin injection.” By that time, the bodies with similar causes of death were piling up, but they had already been buried.

An autopsy done after the body was exhumed confirmed the suspicious cause of death but by then, “decomposition prevented the medical examiner from determining whether there were injection sites consistent with lethal injection of insulin.”

So far, the only action taken against the female suspect is terminating her VA employment. That doesn’t mean that she isn’t working somewhere else in the medical field right now. “Clarksburg VA Medical Center discovered these allegations and fired the individual at the center of them,” Wesley Walls, their chief of public affairs and community relations said in a statement.

He, too, expresses frustration with the foot dragging Inspector General. “Well over a year after Clarksburg VAMC reported this issue to authorities, Veterans and families are still waiting for the independent inspector general to complete its work and provide the closure West Virginia Veterans and families deserve.”

Mr. Walls says he’d love to help but his hands are tied. “Justice is now dependent on the independent IG’s investigation.”

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