• September 26, 2023

CNN’s Jake Tapper Tried Attacking Trump And It Totally BLEW UP IN HIS FACE! [VIDEO]

You can really tell who the decent people are in this situation with the president getting COVID, and you can tell the people that are just towing the party line most of the time.

Look at the people that have, despite their bosses probably not wanting them to, wishing the president a speedy recovery.

Then, you have people like Jake Tapper who couldn’t resist telling people every hateful thing he could think of about the President while he is terribly sick.

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s positive COVID test and subsequent hospitalization, many critics chose to slow or stop attacks against him out of respect for his health and office.

Even former Vice President Joe Biden, the man directly competing against Trump, said he would pull ads criticizing the president from the airwaves.

While Trump is in Walter Reed National National Medical Center, this appears to be how many critics are handling the matter.

Unfortunately, all you have to do is turn on CNN to see examples of those who are not only keeping up attacks on the president, but making them more targeted than ever.

Viewers of Jake Tapper’s “State of the Union” saw proof of this firsthand as the host launched into a tirade against Trump Sunday morning.

The CNN host claimed that the president “undermined” the responses to the novel coronavirus, hurting Americans struggling to live in the pandemic.

Tapper then linked Trump’s coronavirus infection and that of other top Republican leaders to an event held by the president last week. It has not been confirmed that the event, an introduction of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, led to any infections.

It didn’t seem to slow the CNN personality, who claimed future generations would struggle to make sense of politicians attending the event.

Tapper eventually pivoted and targeted the hospitalized president himself.

Unfortunately for Tapper and others who apparently relish the president’s battle with COVID, physicians say the president’s condition is improving.

While attacks against the ailing president may fly on CNN, an increasing number of other companies are taking a stand against the darker examples.

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