• July 21, 2024

COME ON: Trans Elementary School Teacher Forcing KIDS To Listen To Details Of His Sex Life… [VIDEO]

A transgender elementary school teacher posts TikTok videos describing how they explain to students about their sexuality, which no teacher should ever have to do, especially with such young children.

In one of these films, he talks about how he plans to tell his students that he is polyamorous and has more than one “partner.”

“I pride myself on being a teacher who’s very open about her life, and one of the things I’m very open about is my sexuality,” said the teacher, listing all the different LGBTQ flags displayed in her classroom.

The teacher then voiced concern about how to tell his kids that he is polyamorous.

“I don’t know how to handle that conversation because while I know that the kids are more accepting of things like homosexuality, bisexuality, all of that, polyamory is not in the conversation,” he said.



The teacher then voiced his concern that conservative families do not discuss sex with their children and do not believe it should be a topic of discussion in the school.

“That just shows such a lack of thought and care,” he said, accusing conservative families of “not understanding their children as people” and adding that “they’re not reckoning with any kind of reality.”

Just because conservatives object to a random adult talking to their child about sexuality and their polyamorous sex life in a classroom setting does not imply that they are uneducated or uncaring individuals.

None of these issues should be discussed in an elementary school classroom.

Teachers should not divulge too much personal information to their students. Students usually don’t know much about their teachers’ personal lives, especially in primary school.

However, egotistical, awakened professors like this one are adamant about disclosing every detail of their sex life and gender identity to their students. Being so candid about these personal subjects with primary school pupils is neither necessary nor appropriate.

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