• July 18, 2024

Cops Shoot 18-Year-Old Car Thief Who Had A Gun. Doesn’t Matter, Time To Protest!

Here we go again with another round of “I don’t care what crime they committed, I’m going to protest against the police no matter what” and this time it could lead to another round of the infamous LA Riots.

In this case, an 18-year-old male reportedly stole a car, lead police on a hot pursuit, then exited the stolen vehicle and forced cops into a foot chase.

An angry crowd of people with no life activists has gathered to protest the shooting. I think people should arrive to protest the protesters.


Activists in Black Lives Matter T-shirts were at the scene of an officer-involved shooting Saturday in Los Angeles, which police say followed the pursuit of a stolen car and a foot chase through a neighborhood.

This story has been played out. Criminal gets caught doing a crime and sometimes they get shot. The first thing that people do is look to see if the criminal who was shot has dark skin. If they’re black, then the activists assume it’s racist and there’s a war on black people.

That’s not true. If it was true, then there would be more black criminals under ground than in prison.

Cops don’t discriminate based on color. Cops shoot people when they feel a suspect is a threat. That’s fine. That’s what they should do. That’s what my tax dollars dictate they’re allowed to do. Cops have a split second to decide on if they shoot or get shot. I prefer that they shoot.

Is anyone tired of the protesters only protesting if the criminal is black? What about the white criminals? How about the Asians, Jews, Irish, Mongolian, Japanese, and people from Northern Africa? How come there is literally NO protest for any other criminals besides the black community?

Why do folks keep protesting in support of the criminal and supporting bad behavior? Why don’t they protest against the criminals and try to convince people to stop breaking the law?

Here’s some Twitter posts that we can play with. They’re clearly intelligent and full of thought as much as 140 characters permit. I know these people must be literal geniuses who play idiots on social media.


Was it the criminal’s gun? You know from previous cop shootings that it doesn’t matter if the suspect has a gun or not. Look at the outrage from the people who supported Korryn Gaines. That woman pointed a gun at cops and pretty much said she would kill them. She also put her kid in front of her like a human meat shield. Why do people protest for people like that?twitter-post-2

Why don’t they gather to protest for people to stop committing crime? How about a few protester signs that say “STOP STEALING CARS
and “STOP SHOOTING EACH OTHER” – why don’t they protest for that?twitter-post-3

Incorrect. There is no war on anyone except criminals. Cops shoot more white people too. Do cops have a war on white people? No. This Tweet couldn’t be more unintelligent.twitter-post-4

Stop breaking the law. No one deserves to have the car stolen. If someone stole your car and they got shot, would you care?

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