• July 16, 2024

Cops Shoot Unarmed White Kid To Death In Fresno; No Protests, No Riots, Nobody Even Pays Attention

Somehow, the shooting of an unarmed white man by police isn’t drawing any attention from the mainstream media.

Unlike the shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, which have created yet another firestorm complete with accusations of police racism, the media is ignoring the death of Dylan Noble, a 19-year-old white man, on June 25.

According to Fresno police, they responded to a report that a man was walking around with a rifle. Spotting a speeding truck, they tried to accost the driver, Noble. Instead, he fled and led the police on a half-mile chase.

Noble finally entered a gas station parking lot; police asserted he kept his hands hidden, and made a “conscious effort to conceal one hand behind his back, then in his waistband, as he exited the truck, and walked away from officers,” according to a press release from Fresno police.

Police said Noble muttered that he “hated his life,” reversed direction and walked back toward the police, prompting them to shoot him four times.

A witness standing roughly 100 feet away videotaped the incident for 26 seconds; the video shows two shots being fired. ABC 7 reported, “Noble appears to already be on the ground near or underneath his truck. There was a 14 second gap in between the two shots in the video.” Police body cameras also filmed the incident, but the department will not release it to the public as yet.

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