• November 29, 2023

Crooked NY Gov Arresting Bar Owners For Trespassing In Their Own Place!

Trespassing is an interesting thing in that it is a legal situation that can be used to describe a million different sets of circumstances.

The problem with that the government in turn can use it against people in so many different ways that it isn’t even funny.

They are now resorting to using against business owners who are standing lawfully in their own business doing things that the government let other people do mere months ago and just turned a blind eye to.

Last week, we reported about an NYC bar owner who used a leftist tactic when he defined his bar as being located in an “autonomous zone,” to protect him from COVID lockdown rules.

The NY Post reports that the Staten Island pub located in a coronavirus hot spot is stealing a page from Seattle’s anarchist cookbook, declaring itself an “autonomous zone,” free from the public-safety restrictions its owners say they will refuse to abide by.

“!ATTENTION! We hereby declare this establishment an !!! AUTONOMOUS ZONE!!!” read signs outside and around Mac’s Public House in Grant City, invoking a phrase more commonly associated with the monthlong occupation of Capitol Hill in the Emerald City by anti-cop radicals. “We refuse to abide by any rules and regulations put forth by the Mayor of NYC and Governor of NY State.”

Today, the communist government of New York took action against the Staten Island bar owner.

Liquid Lunch host John Tobacco and the attorney for the Staten Island bar owner joined Greg Kelly of Newsmax to discuss the situation. “They’re making up charges. It’s like the Mafia. Governor Cuomo is the Gestapo!” Tobacco told the Newsmax host.

“They charged him with criminal trespass,” adding that he’s going to spend the night in jail for ‘trespassing’ in his own establishment where he is the owner and general manager!” the bar owner’s attorney said.

“Greg, it’s a government takeover. We just saw the government come in, raid a business, lock it down and take it over and lock it down for doing absolutely nothing.”

Newsmax host Greg Kelly asked the attorney and the Liquid Lunch host to show him the front of the bar that’s been essentially seized by the government. The images of NYP officers standing at attention outside of the privately-owned business are chilling.

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