• July 19, 2024

Cruz’s Kid Says There’s An Unseen VIDEO Of Ted That’s Very EMBARRASSING

Ted Cruz’s daughter just revealed that there is a video of him that he definitely does not want you to see. Watch his reaction the moment when she tells him about the secret video:

Ted Cruz might be wishing he left his two adorable daughters home after they disclosed some embarrassing information on a CNN family themed town hall Wednesday night.

Cruz was forthcoming about some goofy fun he’s had playing dress-up games with his daughters. He made sure to note that picture-taking isn’t (supposedly) allowed during the family fun.

“She got to dress up Daddy in a pink boa and these like, big goofy-looking underwear…” Cruz said, before his daughter busted in with the “doozy.”

“And [inaudible] it was on a videotape the whole time,” she gleefully chimed. “And that was a class video that they’re sending out to all the parents.”

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