• June 19, 2024

DC Police Raid Code Pink Founder! (Video)

Medea Benjamin founder of the hate-America leftist apologist group Code-Pink was accused of assaulting Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Florida) during a Capitol Hill press conference that denounced Venezuela’s corrupt President Nicolás Maduro.

The Code Pink founder is routinely seen advocating for anti-American despots such as Venezuela’s Maduro and Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani.

In this latest incident, Benjamin attended the press conference solely to disrupt the announced formation of Wasserman-Schultz’s “bipartisan Venezuela Democracy Caucus”.

Wasserman-Schultz along with Republican Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fl) created the caucus to ‘support freedom for the Venezuelan people, who have endured years of suffering under the brutal rule of Venezuela’s corrupt leader’.

Footage posted to Twitter by Voz de América shows a clearly distressed Wasserman-Schultz yelling “Let go of me!” as her arm and/or jacket is apparently being pulled back by the Code Pink crackpot.

As Republican Diaz-Balart spoke, Wasserman Schultz is seen angrily telling someone off-camera: “Okay, we’re going to need to call the Capitol Police. This woman [Benjamin] is assaulting me.”

Wasserman Schultz then adds, “She is assaulting me,” and “Get off of me!” as she struggles to maintain her balance while trying to extract herself from Benjamin’s grip.

For most of the video, Medea Benjamin is hidden from view by a larger man who was trying to shield Wasserman-Schultz from the Code Pink kook, but the liberal leftist loon does pop her face out from behind him a few times during the video

The video below shows the Code Pink crackpot talking to the DC Police in front of Benjamin’s DC residence.

The delusional left-wing whacko strenuously denied the accusations, explaining that she was the one assaulted – pushed and pulled by so-called ‘right-wing’ Venezuelans (“big guys”) supporting the US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido at Wassermann-Schultz’s anti-Maduro press conference.

Benjamin repeatedly whined about how many Police arrived at the Code-Pink compound, which was quickly picked up by her left-wing loony toon media supporters who feigned outrage over the supposed overwhelming DC Police force.

Of course, these are the same left-wing lunatics who had no problem with the FBI’s SWAT-style arrest of pajamas wearing 67-year-old Roger Stone during their Jan. 25 predawn raid on the home who also happens to be one of President Trump’s closest longtime confidants.

The video below shows a very calm United States Capitol Police officer informing Benjamin that she was accused of “assaulting” Wasserman Schultz.

After Benjamin asked if the DC Police had a warrant for her arrest the officer respectfully responded: “We can get a warrant, or you can come with us and we can solve it right now.”

Benjamin indicated she would prefer to wait for her lawyer.

According to journalist, and Code Pink apologist ally Anya Parampil, the DC Police were unable to secure a warrant and ultimately choosing not to arrest the Code Pink parasite.


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