• July 18, 2024

Democrats Are Freaking Out After Seeing What Hillary Needed To Get Up 4 TINY STAIRS

Hillary Clinton’s optics don’t get much worse than this… unless of course she has seizures, her knees buckle and she’s lifted/dragged into a van – all in front of the media and on 9/11. At Temple University, which has 38,000 students, Clinton had a rally… one that probably held less than 200 attendees. If you go to her site, it says the event reached capacity. What a spin. It also looked to me like there were about as many in the press there as there were students. Just pathetic. As you can see below, a Trump rally draws thousands and is packed.

And it’s not just the attendance. Clinton had to climb all of four stairs to get to the podium and exit the stage. In the pic below, you see a man having to help her as if she is elderly and bordering on being an invalid. Not exactly the picture of health or a strong leader to say the least. Wonder if Vegas is taking bets on her life expectancy.


From Top Right News:

Hillary Clinton traveled to Temple University on Monday to woo millennial voters.

Nearly 38,000 students are enrolled at Temple. Yet Hillary had a hard time filling up the small room…

Hillary also has a hard time getting up the stairs to the platform. She then needed help just to make it up a small flight of 4 steps leaving the area. Democrats were horrified as photos of grandma Clinton were released by Getty:


Between the shoe closet rallies, lack of interest and obvious health issues… the Hildabeast is in real trouble here. Her ground game right now sucks… in Delaware, Ohio with a population of over 2 million, no one showed for a door knocking event. Add to that disclosures on Reddit that her go-to IT guy and Clinton were looking for ways to cover her tracks on emails and you have a political nuclear bomb.

But there’s more! WikiLeaks is about to dump info. on Clinton smuggling weapons in Benghazi to al Qaeda. Something Glenn Beck predicted from the beginning. That scandal is getting ready to re-explode.

With all of this, one of several things could happen… she could lose in a landslide to Trump, which is looking more and more likely… Clinton could drop dead before the election or she could get impeached right after being elected. Not good. The Democrats made a massive mistake in not going with someone else. They are scared stiff and should be.

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