• July 21, 2024

Did Biden’s Press Secretary Just Let Slip He’s Losing His Mind….

I am assuming KJP didn’t mean to do this. Still, when she tried to defend yet another Joe Biden blunder — this one about how the pandemic is over — she made Joe sound like a confused old man wandering around saying whatever aimless thought popped into his head. Ironically, Joe is right. The pandemic is over, and many Dems are bummed about it. A lot of these Dems want to keep the good times rolling. They love the masks and shots and all the tyrannical rules that come with COVID. But the real reason it’s over is that Americans have rejected the Dems power-crazed tyranny after they destroyed the country. The polls were so bad that they’d get smoked during midterms if they didn’t back off.

But saying the pandemic is over is not what Bidens rich, white, crazy liberal base wants to hear. These are the type of people who turn issues into their “religion.” Like, climate change, supporting Ukraine, hating Trump, and worshiping Mueller and Fauci. So they’re not so quick to let go of one of their biggest religions, with the most rules they could scream about, and now they’re all pushing back.

So, bumbling White House spokeswoman KJP appeared on MSNBC to make it seem like Biden didn’t misspeak (again). He was distracted by all the shiny cars at the Detroit Auto show.

That’s what she sounded like…

Like Joe is some confused old man who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time… which is most likely 100 percent true.

You can watch the video below:

What a spin job.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“This has “you can’t take grandpa seriously.” vibes” 

“This is admitting that Biden has no agency. If he has no agency, then he literally can’t be the president.”

The official regime narrative has to be restated immediately after #PedoHitler opens his mouth”

“OMG. He was distracted by the shiny cars.”

“The fact that they always have to walk back his quotes is not a good look” 

“She’s so bad at her job”

“The bar gets lower every day.”

“Awesome! I’m gonna start using this excuse! ‘I didn’t mean what I said because I was just walking around and looking around’. Everyone will then excuse my behavior and I’ll never be held responsible for my actions!”

“If Biden’s own staff doesn’t take what he says seriously then why should we?”

“Are they going to walk back every single thing Vegetable Man says?”

“Now imagine Trump’s press secretary said this. They would be throwing shoes at her”

“Biden handlers in continuous cleanup mode.”

“Cognitively impaired Man currently in charge of nuclear codes not responsible for his own statements due to distractions provided by electric vehicles on display.”

Do his Handlers realize how their words sound to many Americans?


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