• August 9, 2022

After The Donald’s Big Victory, Jeb Bush Asks Trump For a ‘Small Favor’. ALL ABOARD, THE TRUMP TRAIN!!

One of Donald Trump’s proposals during this election was term limits for members of Congress. Now, he is getting support from one of his main adversaries during the primary for this goal.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has joined Trump’s call for congressional term limits. “Americans, by wide majorities, agree that Washington is broken, so let’s send power back to the people and back to the states,” Jeb Bush said, as per Biz Pac Review.

It seems not so long ago, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump were standing next to each other on the debate stage jabbing at each other.

Now, Jeb is saying, “I want him to know that I hope for his success. I hope that he broadens the GOP, works across the aisle and governs with pragmatism and compassion. There are many who did not vote for him who agree that what matters most now is that this nation unites and moves forward together. I will work to support those goals.”

Sadly, Jeb Bush did not live up to his pledge to support whichever candidate won the Republican Nomination. Now that Trump has secured the presidency, Jeb is changing his tune.

“I will continue to pray for President-Elect Trump and his family. I pray he governs inclusively, with humility and with purpose. I pray that he will be led by a deep love of this nation and each of its citizens, regardless of background or ZIP Code,” Jeb said.

In order to require congressional term limits, a constitutional convention would have to take place.

Then, any member of Congress who is passed the new term limit might, in theory, have to be thrown out of office.

That would mean that 26 senators and 226 representatives would have to go home. Those numbers are terribly troubling. They indicate that over half of each branch of Congress is made of career politicians. No wonder Americans are ready to drain the swamp!

Clearly, Jeb and Trump will not be joining hands on all of Trump’s proposals. For example, Jeb is in favor of amnesty with respect to Immigration. He is also in favor of common core, something that Trump believes is a disaster.

However, I think it is good that Republicans like Romney and Bush who criticized Trump are finally coming around to some of his ideas. This will allow Trump to get the level of support from within the party that he needs to pass major reform bills.

I think that congressional term limits would be good for this country. It will reduce incumbent advantage and allow average citizens like plumbers or dentists to have the opportunity to run for office. Maybe people would trust Washington more if it were full of average citizens looking to make a difference.

Drain the swamp, I say!


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