• May 27, 2024

Elite Candidate Confusion – Sorry, Wrong Jet

A hypocrite Democrat candidate was spotted on Saturday making the kind of mistake only a member of the blue-blood elite could make. Anxious to escape from disappointment in South Carolina, millionaire socialist Bernie Sanders hopped aboard his private Gulfstream, expecting to be whisked away to Boston in comfort. He quickly headed right back down the stairs. “Sorry, wrong jet!” Bernie had a hard day and we all know how Gulfstream jets all look the same.

Hypocrite candidate makes ‘elite’ mistake

All of this year’s liberal candidates for the White House are pushing climate friendly “green” schemes. Their enthusiasm ends at flying with the masses on commercial airlines. Bernie doesn’t care how much carbon he spews into the atmosphere because he can afford to buy carbon credits to make up for it. See the wonders those credits really do for cleaning the air? Bernie is exceptionally two faced because he hammers “billionaires and elites” all the time. He used to pick on millionaires too but now he is one. He’s referred to as “the socialist with three houses.”


On Saturday, Sanders got burned by Joe Biden because South Carolina voters ended up favoring the old racist they knew over the old socialist they didn’t. Bernie also got more bad news that the recount of the recount in Iowa flipped Buttigieg back into the winner slot. Better luck in Boston, Bernie hopes. Just when he thought he could kick back, put down his tray table and loosen his tie, he realized he boarded the wrong jet.

It didn’t take long for him to realize his mistake. He probably covered it with a quick “Hi, I’m Bernie and I’d like your vote. By the way, do you have any Grey Poupon?” TMZ snapped a priceless photo. Once in a while the paparazzi does come in handy. He was soon on the proper plane and off to prepare for Super Tuesday. Earlier in February, Bernie was criticized in tandem with Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren for taking matching jets between the same two points. They could have at least plane-pooled. Even worse, Bernie is so “fly like a G-6,” that he has a rock-star sized entourage who follow him along the campaign trail. Just the other day he had his own private jet and two more matching ones for the others. As CarolinaGirl points out, it’s more than a little bit excessive for a ten minute flight.


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