• November 30, 2023

Ellen Jokes About Katy Perry, Sparks Huge Double Standard Debate

In the wake of the recent Harvey Weinstein sex scandal, Ellen DeGeneres was one of the outspoken critics, and even dedicated part of her show for sharing her thoughts on the “#MeToo” movement.

But now she has recently taken everyone by surprise with her “#doublestandart” tweet to Katy Perry on her birthday.

Many people are not happy with Ellen DeGeneres.

One actor even voiced his displeasure to Ellen, arguing that “the world would stop” if a man had sent the same tweet she had.


Daytime talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres is now sinking fast as she is receiving a ton of backlash from fans after her joking tweet has been taken as sexist.

Reported by trendingviews:

Ellen DeGeneres is under fire from people who saw her Tweet about Katy Perry’s well endowed chest. Ellen recently Tweeted “Happy birthday, @KatyPerry! It’s time to bring out the big balloons!” and posted a picture of herself staring at Katy’s chest. We can only infer that her comment directly associates with the picture and the “big balloons” are what’s about to pop out of Katy Perry’s shirt.  The response on Ellen’s Twitter account has been extremely overwhelming with men and women pointing out the obvious double standard, even going so far as to call it “lesbian privilege” and calling her Ellen Weinstein.

The Ellen Weinstein joke arose due to the fact that Ellen is making these sexist remarks while there’s a man popular with Hollywood who is facing a barrage of sexual assault allegations. What if a man said those things to Katy Perry? What if a man who was straight and a republican said that? What if a man who is democrat said it? Would there be a different response from the public? Yes there would be. If a male or republican said this about Katy Perry’s chest, then people on the left would lose their mind. However, those people are giving Ellen a pass because she’s a lesbian. That actually makes it worse. Ellen likes to look at women’s chests. So do men. If Ellen, a person who likes women, can say those things – then so can any man? Fair is fair, right?

Of course, if any man said that to Katy Perry, they would be trashed up and down the social media boulevard. Any guy who said it would likely face the wrath of liberal insanity and the victim mentality. Woe is me, they’d say. Unfortunately, that’s what would happen and everyone knows it. We all know the liberals would fly out of the woodworks acting like they were offended about something because that’s just what they do.

Here’s what needs to happen. Let Katy Perry decide how she feels about it. If she shows them to Ellen, then we want to see them too.

Taking the lead from Ellen, I’d like Katy Perry to whip them out as well. So let’s go Katy, pop those balloons out.

If Ellen can say it, then so can I, right?

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