• June 17, 2024

Elvira Goes Ultra Woke And It Backfired In Brilliant Fashion….

The butt-hurt liberals are still crying on Twitter about “hate speech,” something that doesn’t actually exist, by the way. Here’s what The Fire said about this very subject: Yes, that is correct. “Hate speech” is not a category of speech recognized under current constitutional law.

It is merely a convenient way to pigeonhole speech that some people find offensive. But what is very troubling is when people begin to treat “hate speech” as unprotected speech.

For example, a student leader at Penn State, a university that was recently sued for its unconstitutionally vague and overbroad speech codes, made the following comment featured in a prominent article in the student newspaper The Daily Collegian: “We support any and all university policies that prohibit intolerant actions against any student on this campus,” said Watson, adding that hate speech was not protected by the constitution.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that a statement like this has been made. This belief has become somewhat pervasive, especially on college campuses, making it high time to put this fundamentally false and dangerous belief to rest.

There is no constitutional exception for so-called hate speech. So, let’s keep this fact in mind, and all of these clueless, woke liberals claim “hate speech” is a thing and infringes on “human rights.”

That’s exactly what Elvira, the “Mistress of the Dark,” said in her latest woke message on Twitter, and the best part is that the entire thing ended up being a real nightmare for her.

Here’s what Elvira said in her “goodbye” tweet: “I’m leaving Twitter until they decide to reinstate their Human Rights and Ethics teams. You can’t promote Hate speech and call it Free Speech. Until then…Unpleasant Dreemz…”

By the way, it’s been days, and Elvira still has not left Twitter.

Typical liberal, right? They just want attention and virtue signals to their woke pals.

Here’s what people online had to say to Elvira:

“Posted two days ago, yet you’re still here!! Which will come first – leftists actually leaving Twitter, or ballots in their precincts finally being tabulated??”

“Typical libs. Looking for attention while the door is hitting them in the ass, on the way out.”

“Why are you still here, if you said you’re leaving?” 

“This woman is still alive???” 

“Who the hell are you?” 

“A day later she’s still here. LMAO” 

“Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, darlin’.”

“Democrats call burning down businesses, peaceful protesting, so it’s all kind of subjective, don’t you think?”

“Posted this on the 8th. Yet she’s still hereeeeee “

“I had no idea you were still live.”

“I thought you had died.”

“Wokeness gives mean people a shield to be mean and cruel, armoured in false virtue” ~ Elon Musk”

“I’m sorry, but who the hell are you?”

“You go right ahead, take a sandwich and a jacket. Call when you get settled”

“Hate speech doesn’t exist, only speech you hate. Bye snowflake.”

“Bye Bye – Nobody cares.”

“Is she still alive?”

“This isn’t an airport, lady. There’s no need to announce your departure” 

“There is threatening speech & speech inciting crimes, but speech that hurts someone’s feelings, bigoted speech & derogatory names is just speech & protected by the Constitution. I am truly sick of the term “hate speech” & dismiss anyone who uses it.”

“This is literally the only tweet I ever saw. Didn’t know she was here!”

“We’ve seen enough of ya over the last 40 yrs bye”

“Elvira. Appeared nude in Playboy. (For money) Lived her lesbian life as a lie. (For money) Her name is a lie. Real name Cassandra Petersen.” 

I wonder if Elvira threatened to leave the US and go to Canada after Trump won back in 2016.


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