• May 27, 2024

Facebook CAUGHT Using Your Kids In Absolutely HATEFUL Plot!

As someone that uses social media as little as possible, I can tell you that what I do know about it is that there are people there whose sole job it seems is to make people feel like crap. Nothing but folks that are trying to insult each other.

So, I ask you…why expose your kids to that so quickly? I remember when I was younger and the internet was one of those things that were kind of in people’s lives, we all had a shared email address that we had to use so that my parents could give a look at things that we were saying to other people to make sure that nobody was trying anything hateful with us.

Now that social media outlets have figured out exactly how to make money off of people, they want to try and expose folks as early as possible. Hook them while they were young, you know, the same way that the cigarette companies thought for decades.

Facebook says it is working on a version of Instagram for kids under 13, who are technically not allowed to use the app in its current form due to federal privacy regulations.

The company confirmed an earlier report by Buzzfeed News on Friday, saying it is “exploring a parent-controlled experience” on Instagram.

The move came just a day after Facebook announced a slew of new measures intended to keep teenagers safe on Instagram — but that announcement made no mention of the plan to create an Instagram for kids.

Critics raised concerns immediately, saying an Instagram for kids is just a way for Facebook to expand its user base and condition children into using its products so it can later make money off of them.

“Facebook poses one of the biggest threats when it comes to children’s privacy,” according to Rasha Abdul-Rahim, co-director of Amnesty Tech, an arm of the nonprofit Amnesty International.

“Increasing safeguards for children online is paramount, but the fact remains that Facebook will be harvesting children’s data and profiting off their detailed profiles.”

Facebook launched the Messenger Kids app in 2017, pitching it as a way for children to chat with family members and friends approved by parents.

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