• July 16, 2024

Farmers Set Up A Camera To Record Their Free-Range Chickens. Watch What Happens Every Morning

The footage below gives you an inside look at the lives of free-range chickens at Otaika Valley. After you see this footage, you may want to read your egg labels more carefully

Eggs are a staple of the majority of diets. They are an easy-to-cook ingredient that is perfect for breakfast. But if you go to a local grocery store or supermarket, it’s easy to get confused by the sheer variety of eggs available. The major difference between these eggs, aside from the price, is how the chickens were raised.

The cheapest eggs tend to come from caged-chickens who are condemned to an enclosed life. Another type of egg is known as cage-free. These chickens are allowed to roam out of a cage, but they typically confined to a facility and not allowed to go outdoors.

Then you have the most expensive kind of eggs which come from free-range chickens. These chickens live outside and are not constrained by cages or  boundaries. They live in nature on their own, and the video below is evidence of how happy these chickens are.

It’s clear that free-range chickens have a much higher quality of life, and I am sure their eggs taste better! Next time you need to buy eggs, consider supporting free-range chickens and standing against the inhumane treatment of chickens.

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