• July 18, 2024

FINALLY!! After Bashing Trump for Months, Megyn Kelly Gets the Punishment She DESERVES!

Megyn Kelly has never hid her hatred for Trump. She has despised him from the moment he announced he was running for president. The latest “scandals” have given her even more of an excuse to attack him.

On “the Kelly File” this week, Megyn actually referred to Trump as a “sexual predator”. She defended herself by attacking Trump supporters saying…

“It’s to the points now where there is swastika signs showing up about the press at the Trump rallies. The committee to protect journalists has condemned Trump now, saying, like this is too far. There is — I get it, the media we’re easy to hate but there is a First Amendment and what we do actually is important.”

Since when it is important to label Donald Trump a “sexual predator” without a shred of evidence? That isn’t her job. Her job is to report facts, not take part in the biggest political hit job this country has ever seen.

After months and months of focusing on Trump’s negatives, Megyn Kelly finally got some negative news herself. Her ratings have dropped so dramatically, she is said to be losing her time slot and possibly losing the show all together.

Even MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow even had higher ratings than Megyn Kelly!




Megyn Kelly seems to have jumped on CNN’s Trump bashing bandwagon. Not the best idea considering that CNN has seen their ratings plummet as well.

The only ratings winner has been Sean Hannity, whose ratings have SKYROCKETED. Hannity is one of the few shows telling the truth about Trump and Hillary.

The American people have shown that they are tired of the bias and the lies!  We the people are sending a powerful message and it’s working!


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