• July 16, 2024

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino: #Obamagate Is Going to Blow Wide-Open This Week

Here we go!

The former Secret Service agent and best-selling author Dan Bongino is making ti his personal mission to expose #ObamaGate.

Filling in for the Great One Friday evening, he went on to explain just how SERIOUS it is that members of the government are leaking information to the press.

The implications of what is happening are frightening, Bongino explained.

“How the heck is it that a Title III FISA court wiretap, the contents of which should’ve not only been minimized but never have been disclosed ever, wound up in the hands of the media if deep state, high-level operators with access were not engaged in an open, willing, volitional campaign to sabotage the sitting government of the United States?”

“Why is nobody talking about the internal government, the deep state sabotage right now going on in the Trump administration?!” Bongino asked.

Take a listen:

According to reports:

Bongino was assigned to the U.S. Presidential Protection Division during George W. Bush’s term. He remained on protective duty after Barack Obama became President, leaving in May 2011.


On Saturday Bongino said the #Obamagate scandal is going to really come to light this week.



I haven’t been THIS excited since the election!

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