• April 15, 2024

Gun Grab 2016 UNDERWAY As Of NOW! OBAMA Begins Stripping Americans of 2nd Amendment Rights Via Executive Action!

Beware of Obama during his last days in office.

There ought to be no mistake about it: Barack Hussein Obama was purposely selected and installed by the World Shadow Government (WSG) to unlawfully nullify the Second Amendment.

Obama was educated and trained throughout his lifetime in such a way that he would be sufficiently, though wrongfully, convicted with the notion that guns can be removed from American society by Executive Order and other surreptitious means.

As a thoroughly lawless president, Obama has demonstrated that the United States Constitution means nothing to him.  As a supposed constitutional law college instructor, he has shown no respect for, and has only trampled on, the U.S. Constitution especially on the Bill of Rights.

Obama has gone out of his way and taken every available opportunity to illegally increase the executive powers of the presidency.  His issuance of executive orders (EO) concerning the most weighty and consequential matters of state has changed the nation in profound and fundamental ways.  Obama’s 23 Executive Orders on gun control are especially worrisome.
(Source: The Great Gun Grab of 2016)

The following PRESS RELEASE must be taken very seriously for it represents one more way that the Obama Administration is incrementally stripping away the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

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