• July 16, 2024

IT’S HAPPENING! Texans Make MASSIVE Stand Against M*slims After They Try To Invade Their Town!

According to recent reports, a number of Texans have decided to organize a civil revolt against the influence of Shariah law in their state and in the country.

The uprising comes as a result of announcements that a Muslim Tribunal court was forming in Irving, TX.

Tension has been rising in Texas for quite some time now, and the local Muslim community and government officials have been at odds.

Now, that tension has reached its peak, after city government officials recent approved a bill addressing the influence of the mediation panel.

“Recent events have events have put me under attack and I need your help now!” the mayor of Irving, Beth Van Duyne asked of the community after passing the bill. “Stand with me to help me fight for conservative values and the Constitution.”

Van Duyne claims that she has been receiving attacks from both the liberal media and the Islamic Center in Irving.


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